Track System Canada

About us

The goal is not to go fast, but rather to be fast, and to take the human experience where it has never ventured before.
Our system reminds you that you are in control. That's what gives you the notion of unique, absolute skill!
In our opinion, the most significant change brought by our technology is the ability to use the full power of your vehicle's CC, whatever the terrain and snow conditions may be...

Gathering the needs and ideas of our customers, and then confronting them with our engineer requirements and the mechanical constraints, has been a total commitment in a passionate approach for us towards cutting-edge research and technological finesse.
Considering the journey traveled to achieve such a result, it is not only an accessory that you are buying but a story and a spirit that we have built.
With our full traction concept, we are revolutionizing the aera of track systems! Welcome to our world, the world of the tracked wheel: The Wheel Track System!

The beauty of driving is being able to steer and communicate with the terrain, to feel all kinds of emotions that, in one way or another, will satisfy our five senses.
This sensory principle is fully preserved with our models because your vehicle does not lose any of the mechanical values for which it was designed. Your engine speed remains at the same level as the wheels, no mechanical tension is present due to the system's anti-rotation, a perfect fluidity of wheel rotation exists, and there's no restriction in direction. Forget what you know about the constraints of track systems. You will be convinced of the full traction of our tracked wheels.

What is a tracked wheel?

The debate can be extremely animated when trying to define this new technology.
We will begin by saying that it is a system whose function is to arouse amazement in all its aspects. It's the fastest, most powerful, most intelligently designed, and the most evolved!
But that's only part of the definition. The tracked wheel is, in mechanical form, the crawler traction system of the future!

Remember that this type of system, compared to transmissions and the motorization of vehicles, was science fiction barely ten years ago.
The performance that is now achieved by our tracked wheel models is the ultimate expression of what we can accomplish with today's new technology and vehicles.
Certainly, do not overlook that current track systems also have a very elaborate design. They have reached the level that we are classifying as "SuperTracks."

We then thought it was time for us to establish the "HyperTracks" phenomenon because we are the first to exceed these speed limits with a tracked vehicle.

Needless to say, our range is not just for simple transport from point A to point B.
Our concept gives the customer the ability to drive in a category of speed that it has never been reached with a traditional track system.

Naturally, this creates a gap in relation to existing or known models. This difference in power, comfort, and speed does not translate into higher cost.
That's why our tracked wheel technology is, above all, within your budget reach...